WHO RUN THIS @*!&/ ?

IMG_0667 copia
The ups and downs of life are probably what make us stronger. They make us realise what we have and how much more we are capable of achieving. However, there’s a price to pay. Whole days in bed, not wanting to see the daylight, cigarettes and Rihanna’s ‘What Now’ on repeat. You feel like life has been sucked from you, at least that’s how I feel sometimes; no will, no cares, no nothing. You feel absolutely nothing. But, deep down you know that there will come one morning when you wake up and you will want to pick up the clothes you’ve been mounting on the floor for days, you’ll want to open the curtains and enjoy your morning coffee allowing the sunrays to glimpse through the small window. It doesn’t look half as bad as I thought it would. You’ll put some make-up on, do your hair nicely, wear your heels instead of your old dirty Converse. Don’t forget your perfume. Feeling pretty gives you confidence; at least it makes me feel in-peace with myself. Happy. Now its time for the comeback, its time to seize the day. Make it your day. 

The darkness in your mind wasn’t as dark as you thought it was. Demotivation turns into inspiration. 
Now playing ‘Run the World’. 



  1. Love pictures.
    Nice your outfit


  2. post muy motivante! Todos nos hemos sentido así alguna vez (o varias veces en mi caso) pero es psicológico y podemos con ello, deberiamos escuchar ese tipo de canciones todos los días por las mananas para darlo todo durante el día! Good stuff!

  3. Who "runs"...who "runs"...

    1. Ay, no sufras pero esta escrito bien. De nada ;)

  4. I love your outfit!